To Develop your business,
You must first develop your people

Why American Academy?

Whether you are looking for individual or corporation,
Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional,
The American Academy has the program that fits your every training need.

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The best way to develop your people.

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What We Offer At American Academy?

We offer comprehensive human resources consultancy services dedicated to helping organizations with all of their HR activities.

Our solutions are uniquely designed and shaped around your requirements and objectives. They will fit with your culture and the business challenges that you currently face. We offer efficient solutions no mater what the size of you business.

Our breadth of expertise ensures our experience are seamlessly integrated with your organization’s goals. Our team of dedicated HR consultants will help you manage your business and your most important investment — your employees. Our specialist consultants will help enhance your company’s effectiveness and efficiency to ensure a greater return on investment.

Whether you require recruitment services, HR strategy development, organizational help, employee relations and communication or resource management — American Academy has the right solution for your organization’s needs.

We offer a wide range of continuing education programs geared toward adult students seeking to acquire new skills, advance their careers, or join a lifelong community of learners.

Students learn from world-class faculty and industry practitioners. The programs serve the needs of business, industry, and the entire community with high-quality, relevant programs. Courses are taught by top professionals who bring their experiences to you.

We offer a comprehensive selection of courses that provides a wide array of opportunities for lifelong learners to develop business or technical skills or take courses for personal enrichment.

Certificates Certifications

Training is crucial for the growth and development of any organization.

A culture that promotes ongoing training and development benefits from higher retention, increased productivity, high morale and stronger communication.

American Academy offers a variety of workshops designed to enhance professional and personal development.

These learning opportunities are designed to maximize your professional growth. Through our workshops you can gain new, updated or complementary knowledge and skills to advance yourself your career field.

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