Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop is a part of AMA Career Development Workshops 


Unless we have studies the Communication Art most
of us tend to operate on instinct when we deal with
others. In communication skills workshop you will
become more aware of the ART of Communication,
understand situational communication and have the
opportunity to practice effective communication
techniques through oral and written channels. In
Communication skills workshop, you learn to interact
effectively with different communication styles and
provide them with the proper feedback. It will assist
you to enhance professional and personal relationship
with work-mates, family and friends.


By the end of this program participants will be able to:
 Understand the process of communication and different communication concepts
 Demonstrate powerful communication techniques in listening and speaking
 Effectively ask questions and make requests
 Give constructive feedback to reach optimum results
 Recognize different communication styles and interact with them efficiently
 Communicate a professional written message

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