Searching for Corporate Training in Egypt, Why AMA ?

Corporate Training - AMA offers a fully Custom-Tailored Workshops / Certificates / Certifications for organizations, AMA is your one-stop Training provider. Our state-of-the art training facility is equipped with all the latest resources and learning technologies.

Experiential Learning - Learning by Doing

Knowledge could be forgettable but experiential learning is a powerful tool to make people remember what they have learned.  Going through a personal experience make participants relate the knowledge they receive in the classroom what happen in their workplace.

Unique Needs & Requirements

AMA offers fully customized courses and workshops for your organization. Our team of industry experts can create a program based on your unique needs and requirements.

Dynamic & Flexible

You will discover that all of our workshops are centered around your organization's mission and strategic objectives.



We offer a wide range of workshops to suit a variety of fields and interests including business, management, leadership, human resources, information technology, marketing and communication.

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