AmA offers customized training programs which fill the employee’s gaps in knowledge and skill. Our experienced consultants find out the specific needs of your staff to design a training program with a maximum efficiency and immediate return of investment. AmA design competency framework and training programs for:

Organizational Layers


Blue collar Training

Developing blue collars in different industry is not less important than developing office
employees. AMA provides workers with different hands on workshops which develops essential
core competencies needed for both blue & white collars.

Work Essentials

Junior and entry level in the organization is the foundation of it and the dynamic force which achieve organizational goals

Senior Staff layer

Intermediate level are those who have years of experience and understand the organizational culture.

Middle Management

Middle Managers who connect the staff layer with the strategic goals of the organization. They play a major role to motivate employees, manage by the organization objectives and leading examples.

Top Management

Top management is not only the decisions makers and the visionaries who implement
companies’ strategies; they are also the source of inspiration to the whole organization. AMA
empowers leaders in the organization with the best strategic leadership programs.

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