Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills Workshop is a part of AMA Career Development Workshops 


In today’s dynamic world where communication is the key to success, having the skills required
for effective public speaking, structuring a presentation, building credibility, and using powerful
presentation skills to sell an idea are essential. Learning how to use your voice and gestures to
create strong, lasting impressions is what differentiates the good from the great. Effective
speakers and presenters today possess the skills to bond with their audience, and can
comfortably handle formal speeches & presentations. Presenters must gain the skills to take
control of any environment in which they are tasked to speak. Whether delivering
presentations to external or internal audiences, creating the right impression can be a hard
This interactive workshop enables the participants to develop their skills to ensure their
presentations are engaging, professional, and well structured. Video recording is used to review
presentations and participants receive constructive feedback throughout the workshop to help
them improve their presentation skills.

Who will benefit?

This workshop is specially designed for participants who would like to give powerful
presentation that leaves an impact


By the end of this program participants will be able to:
 Get introduced to the characteristics of a good presenter
 Use different tools to plan & prepare for a presentation
 Structure the presentation and practice presenting it
 Use questioning techniques & active listening while presenting
 Use techniques to effectively open & conclude a presentation
 Identify the difference between a presentation and public speech
 Use techniques to grab attention during a public speech

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