Smart Manager Formula Workshop

Smart Manager Formula Workshop

Smart Manager Formula Workshop is a part of AMA Career Development Workshops 


Being a “good” manager cannot guarantee success these days – only by being the best of the best, will you make an impact on your department, your company and your industry? In every organization, all around the world you find people who are promoted to managerial positions because of their technical skills only. Without formal managerial training, organizations may suffer from the effects of trial and error approaches and many managerial misconceptions. Most importantly, bad management practices are repeated until they become habits and “company culture”. What makes the difference between ‘good’ and ‘excellent’?

The Middle Management training program will empower you as a manager to acquire core functions and skills to be a successful manager to leads the future.



By the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • Perform key roles of managers from different perspectives
  • Understand the relation between the organization objectives and the indivdual role of the manager
  • Plan effeciently through accurate goal setting
  • Plan effectively through accurate financial planning
  • Use time management tools to organize and protrize tasks
  • Lead teams and communicate objective by using effective coaching
  • Delegate tasks and measure results by using ssigning the right task to the right person
  • Use different motivators to motivates all team members
  • Apply effective control system through making the right decisions

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