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Connect. Learn. Grow.

Our online Bible study curriculum seeks to provide students with the opportunity to flourish into active and passionate follower's of Christ both in knowledge and practice, AM Academy actively creates opportunities for the whole world know Jesus Christ and make Him known. Start with the basic online course and continue to connect, learn, and grow in your journey of faith.

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Learning Beyond the Books

AM’s 5-phase Bible Study Program is an online discipleship and Bible education program that leads students through a systematic flow of learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life of faith. The program groups students with Bible teachers who will give instruction according to the listener’s schedule. The program culminates with the opportunity to volunteer, train as a student missionary, or simply dive deeper into the Word of God with AM.

Ready to Begin?

Studying the Word of God is the foundation of all AM International programs. It is our most central activity and the pride of our organization. We welcome you to explore the mysteries of the Gospel and know God’s will for your life.

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