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Phase 2 Bible Core

Overview of the Bible


The Bible is a magnificent story in that God unfolds His plan, love, will, desires, and dreams. We may feel overwhelmed flipping some pages here and there among sixty-six books, still not knowing what God is trying to speak to us. The Bible has a clear theme and purpose that God has set: "His-story" of Salvation. And that theme can be extended to four main topics: Creation, Fall, Salvation, and the Kingdom of God. The Bible displays a grand drama of how God restores His creation according to His original purpose. 

About Phase 2 Course

Creation: God created the heavens and earth, and He created man in His image. The story of Creation reveals that God intended to form this world to be a place of truth and love. Men were supposed to love God fully and obey His word. Everything in Creation was good in God's eyes. 

Fall: However, the exuberant story of Creation suddenly turns gray, and even grieving in the third Chapter of Genesis. The first men, Adam and Eve, were tempted by Satan. They trusted the voice of the serpent more than the words of God. Man's pure unity of love with God in the Garden of Eden was shattered. Ruin and misery started to follow the destiny of every man. 

Salvation: We did not have the power to change, transform or redeem ourselves, no matter how we tried to be righteous. After a long preparation, God finally sent His Son to change the course of our vicious cycle. Jesus came to our ruined world, embraced our sins, and died on the Cross. When the height of our sin peaked, and the hate pierced Him even to His bone, Jesus forgave us, and God raised Him from death. We are redeemed when we receive this love of Christ into our souls. 

Kingdom of God: Jesus taught us to pray, "Hallowed be your name, and your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6: 9-10)." Jesus' primary focus and prayer was to advance His Kingdom on earth. Followers of Christ are dedicated to serving His Kingdom until it solidly stands and covers the whole world. How does that Kingdom come? Let's us review what Jesus said about this topic based on Matthew Chapter 13.

...very inspiring in my walk of faith and helping
me to grow deeper...

Garret Woods from Maryland, USA

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