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Global Mission Leadership

God leads His mission by selecting and calling leaders who faithfully guide his people. His calling is often surprising or unexpected. However, our sincere acceptance of His call eventually leads us to be equipped. Join our Global Mission Leadership program and be trained to fulfill your call. Just as God prepared Moses with His powers and abilities, our Lord Jesus will equip you to minister, shepherd, lead, and even multiply your Chapters and people exceedingly. 

The AM Global Mission Leadership Certificate holders will access abundant resources and opportunities to lead multiple chapters beyond a local campus. Our extensive network in cities, regions, countries, and beyond will enjoy the wonderful leadership of AM mission leaders who successfully finished this course. 

Program Outline

Our Global Mission Leadership program aims to ensure that all the participants deepen their knowledge of Biblical and Historical Theologies together with Apologetics. The courses also include Practical and Methodological programs to provide knowledge on tools of administration, evangelism, mission operation, and management. The program consists of forty sessions. The schedule is confirmed and announced according to the participants and the venue. 



If you were awarded a Bible Teacher Certificate or Chapter Leader Certificate, you are qualified to apply for the Global Mission Leadership course. The application includes your personal testimony, mission experience, AM leaders' recommendations, and others. The program is held both online and onsite. Apply now, and our Staff will contact you for specific information. 


Global Mission Leadership Certificate Ceremony

The Gospel mission thrives through many leaders who dedicate their lives to Christ Jesus in honor and integrity. The leaders who have successfully finished the training course will join the Certificate Ceremony and vow to serve their mission faithfully. 


Global Mission Leadership Forum

AM Global Mission Leaders meet regularly to discuss Mission Reports, Strategies, and Goals. The Leaders convene annually to present yearly reports and goals for the upcoming year. The AM Annual Conference also includes AM Anniversary Service and discussion on the global mission agenda. 

Get in Touch

If you have questions on how to become AM Global Mission Leaders, feel free to contact the email below.

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