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AM Academy is dedicated towards supporting your spiritual growth and journey of faith in Christ Jesus. The purpose of this program is to meet Jesus Christ who saves our souls and gives eternal life and grow as a disciple of Christ, to be strengthened in your personal walk of faith. The program also helps student believers to join the large work of advancing the Gospel. Below is an overview of our program offerings and order. Here is what you can expect:

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Step 01

Jesus has been inviting us in many ways we did not fully notice. Now it is time to respond and meet our equipped Bible Teachers to find your next step toward God. It will be a brief meeting where you can share your concerns, questions, and spiritual circumstances. One of our Bible Teachers will pray with you and help you find the path for your spiritual growth. Sign up for the meeting now!

Step 02

​Our Bible study program begins with the fundamentals of the Gospel and salvation through Jesus Christ. Sign up for a study to gain in-depth understanding of all the Bible basics and reinvigorate your faith in the Lord. AM seeks to empower our leaders with the Word of God so that they may lead with the power of truth. Bible studies are available online and onsite (in select cities). To start, go to the "Bible Study" page and sign up for the programs you choose. 


Step 03

Not everybody has the gift of teaching and preaching. However, everyone can be equipped to share the Gospel and personal testimony of how they have been saved through Jesus Christ. AM Academy offers resourceful and impactful Bible Teacher Training programs that help anyone who desires to share the Gospel be fully trained! Don't worry that you have no skill to communicate the truth. Our training program will provide abundant resources and classes to help you be prepared to share the Good News of Jesus!

Step 04

AM Academy fosters a Christ-centered network of young Christians for the mobilization of the Gospel around the world. Participants are welcomed to train as Bible teachers, missionaries, and similar vocations. Seasonal trainings are held at our world headquarters in New Jersey, USA. We offer Certificate Programs for those who have finished Bible Study Curriculum and joined AM program consistently. The Certificates ensure that godly students to be more professionally equipped to serve the Gospel. 

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