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AM Academy currently has four leadership training courses for those who desire to fulfill a higher quality of ministry serving to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. The programs ensure candidates to obtain skills and knowledge required to significant leadership positions in our world mission. The courses include Bible Teacher Certificate Training, Chapter Leader Training, Global Mission Leaders Training, and Cross-Cultural Mission Training. 

According to your mission area, AM Trainings will ensure more opportunities and official support. Join our program to obtain certificates relevant to your calling!

Leadership Programs

Bible Teacher Certificate

Our time requires numerous Gospel filled Bible Teachers all across the world. Join our program to become effective Bible Teachers who can guide many lost souls to Jesus Christ.

Global Mission Leaders Training

Global Mission Leadership Program provides essential skills and knowledge for our future leaders to be trained to lead, minister, and develop multiple Chapters beyond the local campus. The Training allows the new leader to fulfill their calling as a shepherd for many souls. 

Chapter Staff Training

Apostolos Missions International is faithfully advancing the Great Commission by planting Chapters all campuses around the world. Join our program to become equipped Chapter Leaders in your campus. 

Cross-Cultural Mission Training

AM's foremost prayer is to produce passionate, gifted and faithful missionaries who go beyond their cultures and share the Gospel.


Our program covers every required area to prepare numerous missionaries to preach the Word boldly to many nations, peoples and languages!

College Students
College Students


We offer affordable tuitions for every future leader to receive professional training programs to further their calling. Feel free to contact our admission office if you have more questions.


We have programs all year round to help you find the available schedule according to your school year or ministry duties. Most classes are offered both in-person and online. If you have more questions about the program schedule, feel free to contact

College Friends

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Contact Our Staff about Certificate Programs!

Feel free to set up a meeting with our staff. Our staff will help you find out more information about our certificate programs to assist you to fulfill your calling!

* Please note that all the Certificate applicants are required to have finished AM 5 Phase Bible Curriculum. The application process will request the proof number that you have received after finishing the 5 Phase Bible Curriculum. 

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