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Phase 1 Sola Fide

How Are We Saved?

Even though we are very familiar with the idea of "Salvation" in Christianity, we face numerous questions about what it truly means to be "saved." The topic of "Salvation" is a fundamental core element of our Christian message. Conclusively, Salvation comes only through "Jesus Christ." About how that happens and how it applies to your life, let us dive into our Phase 1 studies. 

About Phase 1 Course
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Have you had one of these questions? 

"I hate to sin; however, I keep sinning as if it is not me. I am helpless on my sinful pattern. Is there a way to stop it?" 

"I was raised as a Christian since birth. Why am I still desiring sinful things? Was I not fully saved?" 

"Why am I called a sinner because of Adam? How does Jesus make me righteous?"

"I am doing many things in the church and taking every opportunity to serve Christ. Why am I still unhappy and even angry?" 

"Does God predestine everything in this world, including evil and suffering? If I do good or evil, was it predetermined?"

"Where is the history of this world heading? Is our future gloomy or bright?" 

We encounter many theological questions even if we are not theologians. Phase 1 Sola Fide is an excellent start to meditating on those topics and clarifying essential answers based on the Book of Romans. 

Phase 1 Course consists of 13 classes. They begin from Paul's introduction and elaborate on Sin, Justification, Sanctification, and the final Glorification. The course was designed to help all students gain a comprehensive understanding of what is "Salvation". 

Garret Woods from Maryland, USA

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