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Phase 3 Ancestors of Faith

The Book of Genesis

The stories highlighting the journey that the ancestors of faith took in Genesis make it hard to pause reading. They are full of living experiences, touching joy, expectations, disappointments, mistakes, redeeming God's work and turning points, God's profound forgiveness, His unfathomable wisdom, and many others. The whole book of Genesis concludes with "Forgiveness of Joseph." We make millions of mistakes and jumble into dark pits. God cleans up and restores everything in His faithful love and still fulfills His plan. Genesis stories give us a recap of how God ultimately redeems humankind from their sin. 

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Abraham: After many generations of waiting since the fall of Adam, God's word reached one old man, Abraham. It was hardly imaginable that a remarkable history sprouted when one ordinary man simply accepted God's call and left his land, his people, and his household. The birth of the nation Israel, the glory of David and Solomon, the establishment of the grand temple in Jerusalem, and the coming of Messiah Jesus all went back to this man Abraham whose faith was "credited to him as righteousness (Romans 4:22)." As we follow Jesus with unwavering faith, we learn a profound wisdom that our forefather Abraham gives. 

Isaac: Abraham's only son Isaac mostly stays silent without many visible stories. However, we find an outstanding character of a man whose father was Abraham, the first ancestor of the chosen people. He was a person of absolute obedience, spiritual integrity, credibility, and responsibility. We cannot expect that the lineage of Abraham would continue to thrive without Isaac. 

Jacob: Nearly half of the Book of Genesis covers the scenes related to Jacob. He is a fascinating and unique figure among other forefathers. He was a strong-willed child even before his birth. He was tightly holding his older brother's heel when both twins were born. He sold his red stew in exchange for the birthright of Esau, his older brother. He labored like a servant in his uncle's home and married two daughters of his uncle Laban, having twelve sons. Simply put, he led all his household, his workers, and his herd of animals to return with him to his hometown, where he fled twenty years ago because of his furious brother Esau. He reconciled with his older brother in tears and settled peacefully in Canaan. Jacob's dramatic life story is an abundant source of numerous topics about God's predestination, Election, Marriage, Multiplication, Material Blessing, Covenant with God, and others. 

Joseph: Joseph's story is retold in many places as it sheds light on the life and ministry of Jesus. As an eleventh son among twelve, he received his father Jacob's greatest attention and favor. It disturbed his older brothers and led them eventually to sell him as a slave. God was with Joseph in times of trial and suffering. Joseph's faith and trust in God endured until the glory was fulfilled. Joseph was elevated to the position of the top governor under Pharaoh, holding the right to distribute food to many nations during a severe famine. Joseph forgave all his brothers' wrongdoing and provided food for the whole household. The story of Joseph touches all readers to burst into tears as it shows God's vivid and faithful intervention for his righteous one. 

...very inspiring in my walk of faith and helping
me to grow deeper...

Garret Woods from Maryland, USA

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