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Bible Study 

We are currently offering five tracks of Bible Study Programs: Phase 1 Sola Fide, Phase 2 Bible Core, Phase 3(1) The Path of the Ancestors' Faith, Phase 3(2) Basics of Christian Life and Phase 4 Only Jesus. Check our introductions to each track to find the most relevant program that fits your next Bible Study. 


Phase 1 Sola Fide

How Are We Saved?

Phase 1 Bible Study Program features the Book of Romans chapters 1-8. It was designed to serve students to understand how we can be saved through Jesus Christ and to accept Jesus as their Lord. The lesson consists of 13 classes. 

Phase 2 Bible Core

Overview of the Bible

"Bible Core" teaches the four main themes of the Bible to help students gain overall view on the whole book. These include Creation, The Fall, Salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God. The course gives a general overview on the structure and key narrative of the Bible.

The program consists of 7 classes following the Table of Contents of Bible Core.


Phase 3 (1) Ancestors of Faith

The Book of Genesis

Phase 3 (1) Bible Study Program offers 16 classes based on the Book of Genesis. The classes highlight dramatic stories of our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph how they were led by God. All the stories are deeply relevant to our life of faith and our journey to follow Christ. 

Phase 3 (2) Basics of Christian Life

The Book of Exodus

Phase 3(2) Bible Study Program consists of 14 classes based on the contents of the Book of Exodus. How the nation was born until the people of God settled in the promised land, numerous stories of our faith, failures, trust, disobedience, repentance, covenant with God, and many others provide extremely abundant wisdom and resources on our relationship with God. Join our studies to dive into the stories of Exodus. 

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Phase 4 Only Jesus

The Gospel

We have abundant resources open to know Christ Jesus, our Lord! Phase 4 studies cover various class materials based on the books of the Gospel to help students meet Jesus and know Him profoundly. Join our program to our saving Lord. 

Discipleship Track

Following Jesus

"Discipleship is not an offer that man makes to Christ," wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his famous book, "The Cost of Discipleship." This course is exciting and empowering if you desire to follow Jesus as a disciple. 

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