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Phase 3 (2) Basics of Christian Life

The Book of Exodus

We may have touching testimonies of how much God loves us and how Jesus redeemed us. However, we may still wonder how to live out Lord's grace and blessing in our life's practical aspects. Exodus provides an abundant resource on the qualities and attitudes God desires to form in His chosen people. Building a solid foundation of true Christian life secures heavenly blessings to perpetuate in our lives and the world. 

About Phase 3(2) Course
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The Book of Exodus is a valuable resource that illustrates how God led His chosen people from slavery to become the owners of the promised land. The story is a vivid parallel of how fallen men in the slavery of Sin become redeemed and liberated people of God. 

When Egyptians forced Israelites, people of God, to labor and suffer for their building projects, God prepared a way to help His people leave slavery and go toward the land where they would be the owners. Likewise, God opens a way for fallen men to be liberated from the bondage of Sin and take the blessed life as children of God. 

What is astonishing in the Book of Exodus is that each meticulous step, from the preparation right before the departure until the building of the Tabernacle, covers insightful spiritual wisdom on the basic principles of the Christian life. We learn the foundational qualities required to form the right relationship with God at every step. 

God is the source of every blessing and desires to equip us to contain His gift. By studying "Basics of Christians Life" based on the Book of Exodus, we learn to prepare ourselves to be instrumental vessels of the abundant blessing of God. 

Phase 3 (2) Basics of Christian Life will follow the order below. 

Basics 1: Keep Holy Fear
Basics 2: Master Your Anger
Basics 3: Distinguish What Belongs to the Lord 
Basics 4: Seek Three powers of Salvation 
Basics 5: Do not resist God's call 
Basics 6: Consume the Truth
Basics 7: Give the First to the Lord 
Basics 8: Take the shortcut of faith 
Basics 9: Move forward with faith in the Word 
Basics 10: Seek living water from Christ
Basics 11: Walk in truth and prayer
Basics 12: Unite in prayer for battle of faith 
Basics 13: Practice love 
Basics 14: Build your life as the temple of our Lord

...very inspiring in my walk of faith and helping
me to grow deeper...

Garret Woods from Maryland, USA

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