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Era of Social Media Discipleship, Connecting Students to Reality of the Gospel

Covid brought a physical disruption to education in which many students spent a school year studying online. While this may not seem like a huge concern to those following the secular ways, it has revealed the deep need for churches and ministry leaders to restore one’s spiritual life by educating the younger generations about Jesus.

The disruption has amplified the youth’s activity online and on other social networks, however, it has not put a block to the spiritual reality that is occurring behind the screen. Whether the youth realize it or not, they are actively doing their research online. The problem that arises is that what is being put on the internet is difficult to discern whether it is true information/news. It should concern us as Christians to know that youth are subconsciously facing a crisis when it comes to the information/news on media.

Social media evangelism has opened a way for Christians to use this space to spread the true news about Jesus, who had such deep love for humanity even to the point of death, making way for each person to experience a new life set free from the pain of this world.

Shane Sanchez, the Director of InsideOut at Gwinnett church and Alison Leamon, who serves as the Next Gen Pastor at Preston Trail Community church, met with the leaders of Barna Research Group Institute as they discussed using social media as a strategy for digital discipleship.

It was shared that students are living in a mythical belief system where they are unsure about what they are viewing online is real or not. These leaders shared that what needs to happen is to ground students back into reality with history as they have lost the ability to discern the false news from true news.

If we look closely at what the meaning of discipleship is, it is “the one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” This also relates to what our commission is as believers. We are to teach others about the undoubtedly and undeniable truth about Jesus. When we are able to articulate that Jesus’s life on earth was an actual event that occurred in our history, the chances of them being able to connect with this reality is greater.

It is our commission to teach diligently and to raise leaders on all platforms, this is truly what we must do. In this spiritual battle, we are the Christians who can restore the life and hope in humanity as we debunk the myths and speak out to answer the questions students may have about Jesus.

May we gain deep understanding of the calling we have as Christians and constantly remind ourselves of it each day so that we can build greater urgency to save one more soul.



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