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This course can no longer be booked.

Phase 1 Salvation by Dora (Romanian)

College Student Bible Study, Based on the Book of Romans, Topic of Salvation, How Are We Saved?

  • Ended
  • 10 US dollars
  • Online video meeting

Service Description

Phase 1 Bible Study Program features the Book of Romans chapters 1-8. It was designed to serve students to understand how we can be saved through Jesus Christ and to accept Jesus as their Lord. The lesson consists of 13 classes. The book begins with Paul’s introduction as a servant of Christ Jesus for the Gospel and covers key topics of the doctrine of salvation. Students will understand why Bible calls man as sinners and how we can be liberated from the power of sin. The contents explicate the process of salvation by distinguishing two stages: Justification & Sanctification. The final class illuminates the ultimate point of God’s history on earth. The total of 13 classes will follow the Table of Contents of Phase 1 Sola Fide. 1. CALLED TO BE AN APOSTLE (ROM 1:1) 2. THE RIGHTEOUS WILL LIVE BY FAITH (ROM1:16-17) 3. THE WRATH OF GOD (ROM 1:18-22) 4. RESULTS OF GODLESSNESS (ROM 1:23-32) 5. SIN OF BELIEVERS (ROM 2:1-4) 6. JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH (1) (ROM 3:19-26) 7. Justification by Faith (2) (Rom 4:1-25) 8. PEACE WITH GOD (ROM 5:1-5) 9. Through one man (ROM 5:12-20) 10. AN INSTRUMENT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (ROM 6:1-2) 11. VICTORY IN CHRIST (ROM 7:14-25) 12. THE GLORY OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD (ROM 8:18-25) 13. Predestination (ROM 8: 28-30)

Contact Details

AM Academy, Bellevue Avenue, Trenton, NJ, USA

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